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Alberto Cobo · Concertista de piano de música clásica

Alberto Cobo's Biographie and the Piano

  • Alberto Cobo born in Madrid and begins to realize musical studies at the age of nine in the Madrid Royal Conservatory obtaining the diploma of Superior Professor of Piano. During this time he performs several concerts in Spain, Italy, USA and Germany.

  • Besides he develops the activity of record producer with several piano CDs that they are published by DIAL S.A., Bella Musica, Das Beste von Reader's Digest, KOCH and UNIVERSAL. He collaborates with German broadcasting stations like Süddeutsche Rundfunk, Südwestfunk, Schweizer Radio and Bayerische Rundfunk.

  • Cobo realizes the first recording (3 CDs) of the piano work of Spanish composer Félix Máximo López (1742-1821) in RNE, Classic Radio, and the critical edition of the work “ Música de Clave y Pianoforte ” (Music of harpsichord and pianoforte) of this composer by the ICCMU (Complutense Institute for Musical Sciences), presenting a monographic piano recital with great success.

  • For his interest to investigate the Musical Spanish Patrimony, Alberto Cobo finds in the library of the Madrid Royal Conservatory of Music an anonymous manuscript of a melodramatic work in four acts making a musicology study and a critical edition of this work that he himself attributes to Ramón Carnicer (1789-1855) and titles as “Laura and Don Gonzalo”.

  • He has recorded a lot of Cds: the operas “Laura and Don Gonzalo” and “The nonsense or the Work of the lunatics” with synthetic sounds; a double CD with works of piano titled “The CD of the new Millenium”, the double CD of piano “The Recital”, the CD “Piano Classics” and his compositions/albums like, the CD “Real Dreams”, CDs “Water Drops”, “Celt”, “Two Symphonies” and “ParaIsa”.

  • He found “ International Stations “ in (Vivendi Universal Net USA Group, Inc.) in 2003 and for one year he was promoting and supporting, across Internet in wide band, 128 kps, and with transmission in 'streaming', to hundreds of new musician’s discoveries and professional artists of all styles of music, many of them contacted personally.

  • Alberto Cobo keeps on developing his pedagogic activity. At the same time he realizes a CD for a composer in the face of arranger, producer and pianist (it was broadcasted through “Hilo Musical”.

  • 2006. Professor Cobo composes “XXI Century” where he tackles a job so much interpretive as composite aspect, testing the musical genre and the exploration of modern elements.

  • 2009. He obtains a great success as soloist pianist with the Polish Radio National Symphony in Warsaw. After it Cobo introduces a new programme as piano recital with Stravinsky and Rachmaninov`s sonatas in “El Escorial”.

  • 2010. He has edited the album “The Two Last Great Sonatas For Piano” with label and received congratulations of a lot of personalities. He performed it in several piano recitals in Spain with great succes. Available en El Corte Inglés, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

  • 2011. Alberto Cobo performed in the Presentation of the New Cultural Program of San Lorenzo de El Escorial at the Real Coliseo de Carlos III in the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid, the Mayor and the Manager of National Heritage. He successfully presented at the House of Culture a monographic Franz Liszt program with the collaboration of the Embassy of Hungary in Spain. In November this year he received many congratulations in a charity piano recital in Sao Paulo (Brazil), at the Teatro Anne Frank, and Hebraica, among which included major presidents in the area, and conducted an interview with Jewish TV.

  • 2012. The RAH (Royal Academy of Spanish History) informs him of the publication to the sale of Spanish Biographical Dictionary where listed as author.

  • 2013 He continues to expand his website and doing more recordings and editings (eg composer / musicologist sevillian David Hurtado) while an international musical dissemination and selection of the best performances in videos.

  • 2014. He received great media applause and success in his presentation at the Palau de la Música in Valencia, on February, with a recital of piano. Finishing it with 4 tips. An extraordinary success on September 12th at the Solidarity Concert "I'm not a Witch" as exclusive artist, organized by Salesian Missions and iKasa in the Auditorium of the Dukes of Pastrana in Madrid. It has led him to have a presence in press national, ABC, La Razón, El Mundo, etc., and directly or indirectly related to more than three hundred media and hundreds of personalities.
  • In 2015 Cobo has made musical compositions with acoustic piano for an audiovisual presentation format of the new real estate project in Estepona (South of Spain) of the iKasa company. He has received a warm and enthusiastic success in a new piano recital in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), where he offered three encores. Later at the Shigeru Kawai Center of Madrid, with an extraordinary grand piano Shigeru tuned by Luis Clemente. On October 17, obtained a great success in the Royal Casino of Murcia, - Alta hall -. It was full of people and got final ovations with three tips.

  • At the beginning of 2016 he had a warm welcome in the traditional theatre of the Ateneo in Madrid. It was full of people and transmitted a lot of compliments.
  • 2017 has got a lot of congratulations about his perfomances with several piano recitals at Sotomesa, Madrid.

Alberto Cobo achieved a spectacular success in 2018 at the Buero Vallejo Theater of Alcorcón (Madrid) with a piano recital based on Félix Máximo López (174-1821) works. With the congratulations of the Mayor, David Pérez.

In January of 2019, he received the congratulations from all those attending the Carmel Relax Fragance event for his piano performance at the Cultural Centre of the Armies of Madrid.