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The Master Of The Masters (IV) English

Publicado el 9 Ee septiembre Ee 2019 a las 15:35

The Master Of The Masters (IV)

Mysteriously, the Chopinian essence was already oriented in these brief works, so that it can be said that they are the most played or practiced in the entire history of the piano worldwide.


Also mysterious that in them, Chopin consciously connected with the discovery of his new Universe.

Tremendous discovery, and curious that it was almost exclusively through the instrument: piano.


This may already seem/sound to most people like a George Lucas movie: 'The Music of The Galaxies'. It is not far from reality for those who have the opportunity to listen to my new CD (The Master Of The Masters), with only one concert piano, 10 fingers and two feet.


I would go even further. Not in the distance that only thought can achieve to move to another space 'galactic' and above unknown, but in my way of thinking, no recording that I know (and I think I know all or practically all) has managed to move to years Sidereal distance light, which in my assessment, was really Chopin's intention.


And what do we find in that Galaxy? (how funny I recorded it at the Galaxy Studios, things of destiny). Versatility, to start. The technical vision of Chopin is unique, incredibly devised, of an exquisite conception, which French perfume of the best vintage of Christian Dior. Difficult to define or describe if we consider it as a combination of intervals, rhythms, accents, articulations or harmonies. Each of his Studies are 'inconceivable', 'unimaginable', and in my modest understanding, much more than poems (as Schumann said). They are cosmic planes, a speedway superior to light, which is capable of moving to no other world, but to a tremendous Galaxy that is not the 'Vía Láctea', and I suspect that NASA does not know it either. The Chopin Galaxy


Hence we come to the step: What is Music? Chopin considered that it was an earthly paste, enamored, in a sense, normal. But ... It is that only Music has the power to contain an encrypted message ("There is nothing more hateful than music without hidden meaning" ... Chopin) in the form of sound / auditory art that makes certain areas vibrate brain of the subconscious, certain resources that theoretically we all have, more or less developed.


The question is, do you want to travel so far? You are ready? You're going to get scared? Are you going to be able to assimilate the tremendous emotional blow?

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